It is by sharing a joyful and friendly meal with them in a lavish atmosphere that we best understand the spirit of the Perrins. It is also a moment of pleasure for the senses and attentive tasting, where they seek to sublimate a wine with the best association of a dish. It is therefore quite naturally that their restaurant L’Oustalet was born in Gigondas, 15 years ago, then its little brother, the bistrot of L’Oustalet. With chef Laurent Deconinck, they offer the same values as for their wines: local and authentic cuisine, with total respect for the terroir, and the pursuit for balance, truth and elegance supporting the taste and flavors.

We find in these restaurants the sweetness of life signed by Perrin skillfully combining simplicity, conviviality and refinement both on the palate and on the plate. The gourmet restaurant (one Michelin star) offers intimate and sincere cuisine featuring exceptional products and the bistrot offers simple and tasty market cuisine.