“Terroir” is not an empty word for the Perrin Family, it’s a philosophy. In each of their properties, they take the same care to respect the terroir and give it its purest expression. Respecting the terroir means both treasuring the soil, the environment, but also the history of the place. Looking for authenticity and uniqueness to pass it on and bring it to life through their wines from their owned vineyards. Each plot thus reveals the hidden treasures of its unique location.

To obtain the best expression of the terroir it is essential to respect the soil and take the greatest care. This has always been the Perrin Family’s concern. In 1950, they innovated by organically cultivating their vineyards, then in 1974, they converted Château de Beaucastel to biodynamic practices.
Today, farming as close as possible to the soil’s resources, fauna and flora, is paying off. The grapes are thriving and give a unique taste, revealing the quintessence of their aromas and the splendour of their origin. Every day, on each of the plots owned by the Perrin Family, the work consists of stimulating the physiology of the plant and its natural resistance. This unique ecosystem, which the family has always preserved with passion, gives the wines an unparalleled combination of power, structure, elegance and freshness.