Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Perrin & fils Rasteau


Our Rasteau L'Andéol is a delightful wine that will pair well with traditional hearty cuisine. You can age it for 6-7 years.


Early maturing due to the location of the vines in a basin protected by the wind. Vinification after flash-heating the harvest just like at Beaucastel. Long fermentation without punching down.
90% in stainless steel, 10% in Foudres. Ageing for 6 months before bottling.

The vintage

2008 was quite a cool vintage that we classify as “Northern” style. It's elegant and has a lot of finesse but maintains its Southern flesh.

Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Perrin & fils Rasteau


Serve in big glasses at 18C


Colour: Deep red
Nose: Ripe Grenache, roasted red fruit, vanilla, pepper
Taste: Soft and heady, black fruit, cocoa, great texture and a dense finish

Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Perrin & fils Rasteau


A 2 hectare vineyard that we farm. South facing terraces, protected by the Mistral.


Old terraces of gravel on sand and Pliocene clay.