Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Famille Perrin Châteauneuf du Pape - Les Sinards 2021


The other Châteauneuf from Famille Perrin! Les Sinards is made from young vines (under 20 years old) at Beaucastel and two neighbouring vineyards. Mainly Grenache, it is a very elegant wine that can be enjoyed immediately.


From the month of August onwards we carry out maturity checks and taste the berries regularly to determine the optimum harvest date. Each grape variety is harvested separately. On arrival at the cellar the berries are sorted. Part of the Syrah is vinified in whole clusters and the remainder, plus the Grenache, is destemmed. Vinification is in wooden and stainless-steel vats using the same methods as for the Château de Beaucastel wines. The wines are then tasted to determine the blend, and finally aged in foudres for 2 years.

The vintage

2021 is a vintage marked by freshness, which is similar to the vintages we had in the eighties and nineties. It is also what we call a "winegrower vintage", human intervention and the care given to the vines were decisive for the quality of the vintage. Marked by climatic vagaries, with an episode of frost in April and interrupted harvest because of rain, this year has indeed required constant investment from our teams in the vineyard. Their attention and their commitment have borne their fruit: this vintage is very promising with lots of freshness and great balance.

Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Famille Perrin Châteauneuf du Pape - Les Sinards 2021


Serve at 15°C in large tasting glasses, with game and truffle or mushroom based dishes.


Beautiful garnet-red colour with shiny reflections. The nose reveals a complex and warm aromatic bouquet with notes of leather. The palate is elegant with delicious aromas of dried fruit, dates, dried figs and candied grapes with a long finish.

Famille Perrin - Les Crus

Famille Perrin Châteauneuf du Pape - Les Sinards 2021


A wine created from the union of three vineyards: young vines at Beaucastel (under 20 years old), south-west facing Syrah from the Clos de Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and from Le Grès, 4km from Beaucastel.


Miocene marine deposits covered with alpine diluvium (rounded pebbles). One parcel on Urgonian limestone. The young Beaucastel vines produce more abundant and slightly less concentrated grapes, enabling us to make a wine that is immediately accessible. The grapes from Clos de Châteauneuf-du-Pape offer spicy, complex, dense notes, whilst Le Grès is planted with Grenache on round pebbles that absorb the heat of the day and release it during the night, giving warmth and finesse to the wine. Les Sinard is composed mainly of Grenache, unlike Beaucastel.